2014 Elizabethan research project topics:

Print Source
Books will be available in my classroom. If you need more time with the book sources, come in before/after school or during advisory.
Electronic Source
Suggested websites for this project
Elizabethan Era
Life in Elizabethan England
Folger Shakespeare Library
The Elizabethan Age
Citation Information
MLA style guide resources
Information for citing a photograph or other illustration Or page 119 in the MLA Handbook (7th edition) Or page 139 in the class set of The Prentice Hall Research Companion

<--step-by-step guide for this assignment
This is a basic sample of what your project might look like

Shakespeare in the classroom movie here
cite like this:
Shakespeare in the Classroom. Perf. Geoffrey Rush, Gwyneth Paltrow, Judi Dench, and Ben Affleck. Miramax, 1999. Videocasette.
Research skills to work on this year:
  • Brainstorm, consult with others, decide upon a topic, and formulate a major research question to address the major research topic (modify question if necessary based on further research)
  • apply steps for obtaining and evaluating information from a wide variety of sources and create a written plan after preliminary research in reference works and additional text searches
  • follow the research plan to gather information from a range of relevant print and electronic sources using advanced search strategies
  • record bibliographical information (author, title, page number, etc) for all notes and sources according to a standard format (MLA)
  • differentiate between paraphrasing and plagiarism and identify the importance of citing valid and reliable sources
  • evaluate sources to determine reliability, validity, and accuracy by examining their authority objectively
  • marshal evidence in support of a clear thesis statement and related claims
  • provide an analysis for the audience that reflects a logical progression of ideas and a clearly stated point of view
  • use graphics and illustratins to help explain concepts where appropriate
  • use a variety of evaluative tools to examine the quality of the research and use a style manual (MLA) to document sources and format written analysis

Students may be required to use databases to find valid sources and gather information. Many of them don't understand that a database is just a "virtual library" and is actually full of books, magazines, and newspaper articles that they can view from any computer that has access to the internet. Databases are much more reliable than simply "googling" their subject. It is also much easier to document sources from a database than to document a website. Please take a minute to visit this website to learn more about why databases are required over "googling". Why Databases?

You can always visit the library website for useful resources and links to database and other tools used in class.

Click here for a presentation on writing a thesis statement


This document contains the assignment for how to write an argument, the calendar of due dates/library dates, and the parent letter that every student needs to return.

Possible topics to explore for the argument essay:

You can also visit the library resources page, click on "opposing viewpoints", then click "issues" at the top and browse issues and valid research to support or refute your argument.

Poetry Analysis Research Project